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How can I list the files from the NBU Catalog if I know the

Posted by Anonymous 
How can I list the files from the NBU Catalog if I know the
May 21, 2013 05:36PM
Our environment, HP-UX 11-31 currently running one master & 1 media server on NetBackup 6.5.2. We are running mostly unix / Linux backups and a couple windows b/u’s. Along with an HP Library we are using a VTL on a DataDomain 880.

My problem is that a few of our VTL tapes got deleted and re-added on the Data Domain which obviously caused all the data on the tapes to be deleted. NetBackup still thinks they are valid tapes and they show up in the catalog. I’ve got the barcodes of the tapes and want to list off the files that were on the tapes. I’ve tried running a bpimmedia to get the image from the tape and then a bpflist command to list what’s in the image. The bpflist come back with no entity was found I can’t find a man page or much documentation on the bpflist command so I’m flying blind on this command. Below is what I’m getting:
# bpimmedia -mediaid D10315 -l
IMAGE hqhp3 8 hqhp3_1321085674 dbn-pkg01-db-bcv-dd 0 dbn-pkg01-db-bcv-dd-df 0 3 15 2147483647 0 0
FRAG 1 1 16794880 0 2 6 4 D10315 hqhp3 262144 343813 0 6 0 *NULL* 2147483647 0 3 1 *NULL*
FRAG 1 2 13540192 0 2 6 1 D10825 hqhp3 262144 2 0 7 0 *NULL* 0 0 3 1 *NULL*

# bpimmedia -mediaid D10314 -L

Backup-ID Policy Type RL Files C E T PC Expires
Copy Frag KB Type Density FNum Off Host DWO MPX Expires RL MediaID

yos_sam1_1278313201 dbn-pkg21- FULL 9 5025 N N R 1 INFINITY
1 1 11332800 RMed hcart 6 1460571 hqhp3 9 N INFINITY 9 D10314
1 2 20093984 RMed hcart 1 2 hqhp3 8 D10625

# bpflist -backupid yos_sam1_1278313201 -d 01/01/2008 -e 12/31/2012
no entity was found

Has anyone successfully used the bpflist command and if so, is there any doc on the options for bpflist? Does anyone have any other ideas of how or if I can get a list of files from the catalog images if the tapes themselves are no longer around?

Thanks in advance…

Wayne BeDour
Unix System Administrator
PH: 248-447-1739
Internet: wbedour < at > lear.com ([email]wbedour < at > lear.com[/email])
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