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Timeout by adding new PureDisk Diskpool

Posted by Anonymous 
Timeout by adding new PureDisk Diskpool
July 26, 2013 10:38AM
Timeout by adding new PureDisk Diskpool


Via "Configure Disk Storage Server" i created a new MSDP Storage Server in my NBU_7.1.0.4 world.

After that I added an new PureDisk Diskpool and got the following error message:

"The operation timed out. The operation has exceeded the time out limit, though the service or daemon may still be processing the request. (195)"

What can be the reason for this error?

Here are the new Filesystems for the MSDP Pool:

/dev/mapper/XFS01 60T 416M 60T 1% /MSDB
/dev/mapper/XFS02 7.5T 38M 7.5T 1% /MSDBdb

Are the Filesystems to big ?

And here the config list from the command:

nbdevconfig -getconfig -storage_server MyMediaServer -stype PureDisk

V7.0 "storagepath" "/MSDB/Data" string
V7.0 "spalogpath" "/MSDB/Data/log" string
V7.0 "dbpath" "/MSDBdb/Database" string
V7.0 "required_interface" "media01" string
V7.0 "spalogretention" "7" int
V7.0 "verboselevel" "3" int
V7.0 "replication_target(s)" "none" string
V7.0 "Storage Pool Raw Size" "59.8TB" string
V7.0 "Storage Pool Reserved Space" "2.4TB" string
V7.0 "Storage Pool Size" "57.4TB" string
V7.0 "Storage Pool Used Space" "415.2MB" string
V7.0 "Storage Pool Available Space" "57.4TB" string
V7.0 "Catalog Logical Size" "113Bytes" string
V7.0 "Catalog files Count" "2" string
V7.0 "Space Used Within Containers" "159Bytes" string
V7.0 "Deduplication Ratio" "0.7" string

Thx for your help
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