NetBackup NDMP backups need to restore toanotherFiler non-
September 05, 2013 05:27PM
Couldn't you use bpduplicate to duplicate the backup using the original device as the source and the new one as the target?

Our vaulting regularly duplicates deduplication (Data Domain/Quantum DXi) appliance backups to tape to be sent offsite. (Yes I know you can have offsite dedupe appliance and avoid this but we don't have those.)

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Probably not but you can ask EMC. We had a similar issue and still have a Celerra without support, just to allow restores until the backups expire.

NDMP uses the native 'dump' capability of the appliance, which is proprietary. It *is* possible to tell it to use 'tar' but I guess that is too late.

It's possible the Celerra does use some format that can be read, but the problem often is that it may be storing both Windows and UNIX style ACLs at the same time, which would require it to do something unusual.

William Brown
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Hi All,

We had EMC Celera NAS Filers backups taken by NetBackup NDMP Agent.

However these Filers were decommissioned .

I remember a limitation that if NDMP backups, backed through a particular filer can be restored only to a filer of similar make and model . It cannot be redirected to another filer (Example Ontap) or any OS filesystem.

Is there any way data from these tapes be restored/redirected to any other location.

Venkatraghavan M

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