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bplist and Kbyte listing....Help

Posted by Dennis Peacock 
bplist and Kbyte listing....Help
March 18, 2014 01:23PM
Is there a way to force bplist to list all Unix/Linux files in their true byte count size instead of listing the larger files in Kbytes?

-rwxr-x--- owner group 3923487K Mar 16 19:00 file_a
-rwxr-x--- owner group 100312292 Mar 16 19:00 file_b
-rwxr-x--- owner group 4001095 Mar 16 19:00 file_c

My customer doesn't want the file listing output to contain xxxxxxK because they want xxxxxxxxx instead.

Is there a way other than scripting it to find files with Kbytes and convert them?

Please advise.
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