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Master Server move HP-UX to RedHat Linux and IP #change
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Master Server move HP-UX to RedHat Linux and IP #change

Posted by Anonymous 
Master Server move HP-UX to RedHat Linux and IP #change
June 06, 2014 12:40PM
When we did this back in 2011 my reading suggested folks had gotten it to work with IP change but NOT hostname change but we didn’t try it.

In the end we opted to simply create a new master with new name and IP but we were also upgrading version from 6.5 to 7.1. We ran both the old master and the new master concurrently for quite a while with all the clients and media servers going to the new master just to let the old one expire offsite tapes and so we could keep track of older backups so that the only thing we need to import are infinite retention tapes (if we need them).

One thing we ran into in that approach was finding out that the old master had to have at least one tape drive assigned to it. Our robot was partitionable so we were able to put a single drive we didn’t intend to use right away in a partition. We’ve long since retired that old master.

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We’re planning on moving our Master Server from HP-UX to RedHat Linux which shouldn’t be a problem but we would also like to change the ip address. The hostname will remain the same, just a new ip. I know that changing the hostname is a problem but during my research, I’m running across statements saying to keep the hostname and ip the same.
So what is it, will I have issues if I change my ip address on my Master Server?
Any and all comments / recommendations / instructions are welcome, thanks in advance..

Wayne BeDour
Unix System Administrator
PH: 248-447-1739
Internet: wbedour < at >
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