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ddboost ove FC - Questions RE: Storage Server Credentials
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ddboost ove FC - Questions RE: Storage Server Credentials

Posted by mdglazerman 
ddboost ove FC - Questions RE: Storage Server Credentials
June 13, 2014 07:07PM
I am working on implementing ddboost over FC in our test environment.

Our Data Domain's are DD2500's. We are running NetBackup on redhat linux with the 2.6 ost plugin installed.

This same data domain is already registered as a storage server via hostname and applying credentials to that instance was trouble free.

After zoning the DD so that it can be seen by our NBU servers, I was able to issue the following nbdevconfig command to create a new storage server using the DFC- name generated during initial config of ddboost over fc settings on the DD

./nbdevconfig -creatests -stype DataDomain -storage_server DFC-fldevdd002 -media_server

From the GUI I can now see this storage server listed but my attempts to add credentials to my master/media server ( have been unsuccessful.

tpconfig -add -storage_server DFC-fldevdd002 -stype DataDomain -sts_user_id ostuser -password xxxxxxxxxx

I get the following error after running the above command...

Failed to open server connection to type DataDomain server DFC-fldevdd002: Error = 2060046
plugin error
Authorization failed for OpenStorage server DFC-fldevdd002

What is confusing me is that this storage (DFC-fldevdd002) server isn't based on a hostname attached to an interface on the Data Domain like a traditional storage server would be. For this reason, most troubleshooting steps surrounding name resolution etc... don't seem to apply with regard to a fiber attached storage server.

I have gone step by step through both the EMC Open storage admin guide and the Symantec equivalent. It appears to me that I am missing a glaringly obvious step.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get credentials pushed out to my master/media server ?
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