wield messages on /var/log/messages after installBACKEXEC
December 04, 2014 04:28PM
This isn’t really a backup question but rather a RHEL5 Linux question. For such questions you’d be better off going to one of the various Linux forums (or to RedHat’s own forums) in the world. A popular one is linuxquestions.org but there are many others.

modprobe in Linux is used to install/remove kernel modules.

What you’re seeing is gobbledegook which suggests your modprobe.conf file contains some corruption.

First thing I’d do is verify none of the filesystems are full.

If you run “cat –vt” on modprobe.conf you can see where the weird items are.

Essentially you’d have to clean up the file to get rid of this stuff but before doing that you should get some expert assistance. You can call RedHat if you have a valid subscription or post to one of the forums I mentioned.

Since your system is up and running it appears the corrupted lines aren’t hurting but they should be cleaned up. Often what you’ll see is that a valid entry has these bogus characters somewhere in the line.

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[b]Subject:[/b] [Veritas-bu] wield messages on /var/log/messages after install BACKEXEC

we have REDHAT 5.X on DELL servers. Recently we upgrade to BACKEXEC later version of software and /var/log/messages have following messages:
Dec 3 18:19:04 ORA1 modprobe: WARNING: Unmatched bracket in ÷ 0E[rŠ£½Øô/N
Dec 3 19]z˜·
Dec 3 19:29:45 ORA1 SYMBDSNAP_SDK[7808]: Reloc File successfully created.
Dec 3 19:30:38 ORA1 SYMBDSNAP_SDK[7808]: Reloc File successfully created.

ANy one know why?
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