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backup exec 2010 and error v-275-636

Posted by davecason 
backup exec 2010 and error v-275-636
February 09, 2015 12:31PM
Hi Gang,

I've erased all my LTO4 media and moved it in to scratch media - created new backup jobs and I've told them to run.
They're all happy except for one, one job keeps queuing and I get an alert saying:

Library Insert
" Use the import command to insert new WORM media into the robotic library. "
" New WORM media is media that has never been written to. Consult the online help for more information on WORM Media. "
The error is a V-275-636.

I did just apply SP3 to the software but no change in that job asking for media after the restart. All the other jobs
pointed at the media set "Keep Data for 4 weeks" are happy. It's just this one job asking about WORM media !?!?
HP DL360 G4 Server and a Storageworks MSL2024 Library

I read Symantec's old tech note about it (http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH68894)
but it makes no sense ..... how come all the new jobs run but that one ?

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