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Whats LiveUpdate like these days?
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Whats LiveUpdate like these days?

Posted by Anonymous 
Whats LiveUpdate like these days?
February 11, 2015 10:18AM
Hello folks,

I've never used LiveUpdate, partly because I've never had to do a mass update of many hosts, and partly because of some negative comments about it on this mailing list.

But my current engagement is to update 800+ clients to NBU 7.6.1. All of the clients that are in scope for me are already at NBU 7.x, which I believe means they will already have the LiveUpdate agent component installed as part of the base client.

The master and media servers will have been previously updated by someone else before I start the client upgrades.

The clients are your standard mix of Windows, Linux and Solaris hosts.

So is it really as simple as the documentation makes it out to be? Or is it still a pain to get working properly, as a few posts to this list mentioned a few years ago.

Put another way, if you had 800+ clients to upgrade, would you use LiveUpdate, push it out from the master/media servers, or do local installs??

Also, the NBU install guide says clients "may" need to be rebooted. How does LiveUpdate handle this? Is it going to automatically reboot clients if it deems it is necessary?

Thanks for any input!

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