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Netbackup 7.6 for RHEL 7 Linux Kernel 3.0 native client supp
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Netbackup 7.6 for RHEL 7 Linux Kernel 3.0 native client supp

Posted by Anonymous 
Netbackup 7.6 for RHEL 7 Linux Kernel 3.0 native client supp
May 12, 2015 08:47PM
My apologies to Neil Conner. I realize on looking at this again today that he was trying to point out the compatibility matrix still shows use of the RHEL 2.6 client package for RHEL7.1 even for NBU 7.6. That is to say although RHEL7.x has a 3.x kernel rather than a 2.6.x kernel, NBU is still saying use the client designed for the 2.6.x kernel. (Of course they should also tell have a footnote to use the unix26 workaround.)

It appears the tech note contained a false statement that this would be resolved as of NBU 7.5. I’ve sent feedback on the technote to Symantec today.

Given that the technote was written in 2012 there seems to have been plenty of time for Symantec to have created a RHEL 3.x client by now. Also I don’t see any mention of support for systemd which they also should have created by now given that is the way RHEL7 and other distros have gone.

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I&#8217;m not sure what you&#8217;re trying to say. RHEL7 does NOT come with a 2.6 kernel. It comes with a 3.x kernel and that was the reason I was posting.

We DID install the 2.6 client because it is the only one then we had to setup the uname26 to make it work. What we want is a 3.x native client so we don&#8217;t have to setup uname26. There is nothing in the compatibility for NetBackup 7.6 that even suggests uname26 is still required and as I previously posted the technote says that as of 7.5 it SHOULD have native support.

My question is NOT How do I read the link I sent?. My question is Where is the client to use for RHEL7&#8217;s 3.x kernel?

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In the OS compatibility list, look for the section Client Selections for Backup Policies and you&#8217;ll see the following:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 x86-64 Linux,RedHat2.6.18


On Apr 23, 2015, at 8:29 AM, Lightner, Jeff <JLightner < at > ([email]JLightner < at >[/email])> wrote:

How do we get this. So far as we can tell despite documentation to the contrary as detailed below we are still only seeing Linux Kernel 2.6 support in our 7.6 installation.

We had found technote some time ago while still running NetBackup 7.1:

That essentially says that the Linux Kernel 3.0 wasn&#8217;t directly supported so one must run uname26 against the install for it to work. We did that and it worked.

We have since upgrade to NetBackup 7.6.1 and on trying to install a new RHEL7 client we had the same issue as we&#8217;d had with 7.1 and again were able to do the uname26 workaround.

However, the above technote says that as of NetBackup 7.5 the 3.0 kernel would be natively supported.

Additionally the OS compatibility list at:
Shows that RHEL7 is supported as a client as of

Despite this we still only see the redhat2.6 clients as available and we&#8217;re wondering how do we get native redhat3.x client (with 2.6 and 3.x being kernel rather than RHEL versions of course)?

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