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[EMC-DataProtection-L] Disaster recovery (host transfer)?

Posted by Anonymous 
[EMC-DataProtection-L] Disaster recovery (host transfer)?
August 10, 2016 02:15PM
So, let's say that you want to restore your resource and media databases
to another server (B) with
a different host name, id, etc. Host transfer. We tested this sometime
back as:

1. Installed latest software on B. Configured second tape library (local
to B).
2. Stopped software on A
3. Rsynced client indexes from A to B
4. Re-started software on A
5. Ran full backup of A
6. Performed disaster recovery on B (mmrecov) using backup tape from A.
Renamed recovered media database
and resource database.

Everything worked fine, and we were able to run database queries, but
there were two issues that immediately popped up:

The 45 day evaluation license on B changed to, I think?, a 15 day or
maybe 30 day. Once the software was restarted on B,
following the mmrecov, it definitely dropped down to a lesser amount.

1. Any idea on how to get around that, or avoid that, at least on a
temporary basis until new codes can be provided by EMC licensing?

Everything appeared to be fine, but the resource database on B, prior to
the disaster recovery, was obviously able to see
the library on B, but after the renaming of the restored resource
database and restart, I think we were then back to the way
things looked on A, at least that's the way I recall. Obviously, there
are a number of places where the old server could
be referenced and would need to be changed?

2. Is there a way to efficiently update the resources on the new server
without having to manually (nsradmin or nmc console)
chug through the resources? I don't recall seeing anything in the
installation guide or admin guide on this. Alternatively, can the files
under /nsr/res (nsrdb, nsrladb) be directly edited, assuming the
software is first shut down? If so, which files would need to be edited?



George Sinclair
Voice: (301) 713-4921
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