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[EMC-DataProtection-L] Any clue to fix this error ?

Posted by Anonymous 
[EMC-DataProtection-L] Any clue to fix this error ?
September 14, 2016 10:31AM
Dear all,

I have this error from a NSR8.2.0.6 Win2012 X64 Client
that dumps to a NSR8.2.0.4 Win2008 X84 Server.

Launching backup of DISASTER_RECOVERY by hands succeed but
when inititated from savegroup, it fails with following stack :

client: D: level=full, 2937 MB 00:05:45 20778 files
Completed savetime=1473761420
90015:save: The backup of VSS emit save set 'D:' succeeded.
94694:save: The backup of save set 'D:' succeeded.
client: C: level=full, 21 GB 00:44:11 192578 files
Completed savetime=1473761421
90015:save: The backup of VSS emit save set 'C:' succeeded.
94694:save: The backup of save set 'C:' succeeded.
Registry Writer - Starting save
Task Scheduler Writer - Starting save
VSS Metadata Store Writer - Starting save
Performance Counters Writer - Starting save
System Writer - Starting save
BITS Writer - Writer BITS Writer does not have any component, skip it

WMI Writer - Starting save
COM+ REGDB Writer - Starting save
Disk Quota Databases - Starting save
ASR Writer - Starting save
client: WINDOWS ROLES AND FEATURES: level=full, 7151 KB 00:00:02 21 files
Completed savetime=1473764074
90011:save: The backup of the disaster recovery save sets succeeded.
parse_ossr_info_file: Could not load file C:Program FilesEMC NetWorkernsrtmpOSSR_Info.xml
80880:save: Failed to process OSSR_Info.xml
80885:save: Failed to create OSSR_opaque_props
Can't encode arguments90019:save: save of 'DISASTER_RECOVERY:' to server 'server' failed.

Nothing in event logs, no error, verbosed save from client’s cmd succeed.
VSS stack seems ok, no error so far.

I am clueless … Hope you don’t ;-)

Kind regards - Bien cordialement - Vriendelijke groeten,

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[EMC-DataProtection-L] Any clue to fix this error ?
October 18, 2016 12:31AM
have you already resolved issue?
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