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[EMC-DataProtection-L] Identify AES Encrypted saveset ?

Posted by Anonymous 
[EMC-DataProtection-L] Identify AES Encrypted saveset ?
December 08, 2016 07:23AM

Did anyone once play with directive-based AES Saveset encryption ?

Any way to identify/verify/query about encrypted saveset(s) ?

I have been asked to check for possible on-the-fly saveset
encryption when saving folder or server-wide (Current on Win2008R2/x64).

Any good/bad feedback ?

Thanks !


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[EMC-DataProtection-L] Identify AES Encrypted saveset ?
December 08, 2016 10:53AM
In regard to: [EMC-DataProtection-L] Identify AES Encrypted saveset ?,...:

[quote]Did anyone once play with directive-based AES Saveset encryption ?
We have it enabled for a particular folder on one Windows client,
to ensure that the data is encrypted as it is sent over the network.
It's been so long since we set this up that I don't recall whether
we had any trouble at the start.

[quote]Any way to identify/verify/query about encrypted saveset(s) ?
In our case, it's only part of a saveset that gets AES applied, so
there isn't really any way (that I'm aware of) with mminfo or other
tools to identify that AES has been applied to part of the saveset.

IIRC, we actually had to use tcpdump or wireshark to be somewhat convinced
that encryption was being applied to part of the savestream. I think
you could also manually run uasm (even on a Windows client) in verbose
mode to verify that it's applying the aes directive to the parts of the
saveset you care about.

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