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(Out of networker topic) - Windows Auditing

Posted by FAIDHERBE Thierry 
(Out of networker topic) - Windows Auditing
June 06, 2017 06:59AM
Hello all,

In same way I wrote my famous networker reporting utility,

I wrote a set of free tools to grab configuration, evolution

and audit of

-Brocade based SAN Switches,

-IBM Storwize

thru SSH but also using WMI (and PSEXEC)

-Microsoft Desktop, Servers and clusters,

-Microsoft FSRM (File Server)

I will soon post updated version and new ones targetting

Microsoft Hyper-V and Vmware

In 2 words, Desktop, Server and Cluster module scan your hosts

and retrieve asset info, versions, disk usage, various of settings,

FC info, NIC info, ...

FSRM module is more focussed on file and print sharing,

ntfs and share permissions, quotas, orphaned shares, shares

with remaining acl rights from deleted ad account, track

who is connected to which shares, duplicated shares and also,

dumps file server registry, including

printers and security, applied quotas and quota templates and

filescreening. It generates batch file to restore setting after

migration for sample ;-)

Based on simple config files, they grab your servers configs and rebuild

historized html reports and CSV exports/archives.

It also support cross AD domains. For each server you probe,

specify account to use or start the script from AD Domain admin.

Screenshots and Kits, available for Windows platform, are ready from my onedrive


As usual, grab only info, never makes changes ;-)

Refer to README file in each kits for setup guidelines.

Feel free !



Kind regards - Bien cordialement - Vriendelijke groeten,


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"Nowadays, people know the price of everything and the value of nothing", Oscar Wilde

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it is going on when you don't have the strength.", Theodore Roosevelt

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