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Backup across multiple locations?

Posted by George Sinclair - NOAA Federal 
George Sinclair - NOAA Federal
Backup across multiple locations?
August 10, 2017 06:59PM
Does anyone have experience backing up data from multiple, remote
locations using NetWorker?

If data resides at one location, is it preferred to have multiple backup
admins to be able to remotely recover data as needed wherein NetWorker
would reside at each location for recovery, or to instead request data
to be recovered and wait for request to be processed wherein NetWorker
would only be used where data is stored?

Clearly, there's numerous scenarios, but just curious how folks have
implemented NetWorker with remote offices, even if different data is
stored at each location, wherein NetWorker is conglomerated or
installations of NetWorker server are minimized. How have folks
choreographed this?
Any opinions?



George Sinclair
Voice: (301) 713-4921
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