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Scanning tapes made by another NW server

Posted by Michael Leone 
Michael Leone
Scanning tapes made by another NW server
July 13, 2018 03:59PM
So somehow, I got a request to restore some data that is 11 years old.
(seriously, who has a 10+ year retention policy?). Anyways, using some
documents and spreadsheets and old tape inventory documents, I came up
with a set of tapes that I think I need.
The catch? 2 of them are still in the media database (apparently for some
reason I set the retention on those particular tapes to 10 years, so it's
good for the next 3 months; odd, huh? LOL).
This saveset isn't browsable (naturally), and there is no CFI index tape

Meaning I will need to "scanner -i" in order to rebuild the index, before
I can go searching to see if the file I want actually is in that saveset,
before restoring it.


Still, it's better than the next bit. The other tapes were created on a
now-nonexistent Networker server (back in 2007).

Meaning none of the tapes, nor clients, nor savesets, are in the current
database at all. Meaning I will need to "scanner -m" the tape first, to
get it into my media database at all.
Then, when that's done, "scanner -i" to create the index. There's a day or
so of waiting for old DLT tapes to be read ....
Then I will need to do a mminfo of that tape, and it's client names and
IDs, create a new client in my current NW server with the same client ID
as what's on the tape. So that I can then browse the tape, and hopefully
eventually do a restore.

Did I miss a step in there somewhere? I won't need to extend
browse/retention on the savesets until after all the scanning, presuming I
even do that; dunno if I will ever need them again.

I haven't had to do this in years, literally ...

Michael Leone
Network Administrator, ISM
Philadelphia Housing Authority
1800 South 32nd Street
Phila, PA 19145
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Tel: 215-684-4180
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I would not run "scanner -i" but rather recover a complete save set to a temp directory and get the files from here.
That saves you a full scan cycle which can take very long.

Do not forget to create fake entries for your missing clients in the hosts file.
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