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Odd message when doing nsrim -X
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Odd message when doing nsrim -X

Posted by Michael Leone 
Michael Leone
Odd message when doing nsrim -X
December 03, 2018 07:59PM
So I was expiring some old savesets, to free up room on my NW server. I
set the expiration to be early in 2018, and then ran a "nsrim -X", to
process the newly changed expiration dates, and hopefully free up (index)
disk space on the server.

And I am seeing a lot of "90837: nsrim: no suitable enabled device found
for volume operation on volume id 'xxxx'". What's weird is that the volume
IDs it's complaining about, are old tape volumes. And there are enabled
devices that would read those old tapes (presuming that I recalled the
tapes from offsite storage). So I don't understand why it thinks there are
no suitable enabled devices found. And there are a *lot* of volume IDs
being listed.

It also didn't seem to free up any disk space, even though I expired 50 or
more savesets, of hundreds of thousands of files.

Thoughts? I am confused as to what is happening, and so am confused as to
where to search to resolve it. I haven't found the meaning of that
message, doing any web searches.

Michael Leone
Network Administrator, ISM
Philadelphia Housing Authority
1800 South 32nd Street
Phila, PA 19145
Hours: 8AM - 4PM EST
Tel: 215-684-4180
Cell: 215-252-0143

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Re: Odd message when doing nsrim -X
December 04, 2018 06:18PM
Such error is very specific but it has been mentioned at leat in the EMC NetWorker User Group once:

Unfortunately, this seems to be a case for support.
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