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NetWorker - nsrstage still messes up clone retention values
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NetWorker - nsrstage still messes up clone retention values

Posted by Francis Swasey 
I'm happy to report that UVM has managed to upgrade from NetWorker 8.2.4 to NetWorker on our server, storage nodes and NMC systems with the help of the good folks at Cambridge Computing, my team (that's me, myself and I) were able to plan and execute the upgrade in less than 10 days.

Now, having done this, I'm seeing that there are issues that were introduced in NW8 that have survived into NW9 (sadly). Hence the subject of this message :/


Save Set written to an AFTD with the ssretent set to 3 months.
In the next few days, that save set is cloned from the AFTD onto a vault tape with a 25 month retention set using the -y flag of the nsrclone command.
At this point, the ssretent has been changed to 25 months, but the clretent for the copy on the AFTD is still 3 months.
A few days later, NW9's staging policy comes along and relocates the ssid from the AFTD to a tape. In the process a new clone is generated with the 25 month ssretent as its clretent value.
Now, I've got a tape for in the tape library that should not live more than 3 months but is set to keep that one save set for 25 months.

I have been around and around with NetWorker support on this issue. I am unable to convince them that nsrstage should set the clretent of the new copy to the same value as it was on the original. So, I weekly run a script that goes looking for all of the tapes that have 25 month retention values on them and find the ssid/cloneid sets on them that are wonky and reset the clretent for them to savetime + 3 months...

Happy Holidays, one and all!
- Frank

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Re: NetWorker - nsrstage still messes up clone retention values
December 21, 2018 04:41AM
I do not know whether this is an issue of nsrstage. Some years ago we have been told that we should not use this command any longer as it will not be developed any further. Since then we use "nsrclone -m" instead.
However, as I have not touched nsrstage since I do not know whether this statement is still valid.

Recently, we encountered a very similar issue with NW The main problem here was that a recovered save set from the cloud had a retention date pointing to almost 3 months in the future - not 7 days as expected.
This was solved immediately after a few days by providing a new nsrmmd binary.

So - Dell/EMC knows about the issue and they have a fix.
However, if the same fix applies to NW 9.2.1 I do not know.
May I suggest that you point Dell/EMC to this SR #12443721.
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