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Upgrading from NW 8.x to 9.0+ with legacy tape drives

Posted by bingo 
this is in addition to the issue reported by Dave last week for hos AIT tape drives.

The 2 variables:
are in fact mentioned in the NW Updating Guide (I review the version for NW 18.2).
However, they are mentioned here as 'Post Update Tasks".

So I wondered how NW would behave when upgrading an existing environment from NW 8.x to NW 9.0+, if these parameters will not have been set in advance.
The only way to check the NW behavior was to run some tests - it should not take that long ... I believed.

So I sat in my little lab and put some things together to build a compatible environment.
Luckily still had some old hardware:
- a 4mm DAT drive
- some Adaptec SCSI 2940UW controllers
- an older computer (8GB RAM) with the correct PCI bus where those could fit in
- a bunch of cables and adapters to convert SCSI wide single ended to SCSI 8-bit Centronics)
I installed Windows 2012R2 + all updates ... and discovered that there was no SCSI driver for this old Adaptec controller available any more - the latest Adaptec (compatible) driver which I could find was for Windows 2008R2.

So I installed 2008R2 + all updates, NW 8.2.4 and ... it worked all fine. Time to test.
Here is the brief outcome of my investigations:
- If you upgrade from NW 8.x, NW will in fact leave the old device resources in place.
- However, as these legacy device types are gone with NW 9.0+, NW will change their type to whatever is now the
default device type.
This leads to the fact that in my case I finally had a "4mm" DAT device name which then has the device type
"Data Domain" assigned. And of course this will not work.
- However, if you set the environment variables in advance (before the upgrade), NW will behave 'normally' and
leave the resource untouched.

So the paragraph about the environment variables should have been mentioned as a Pre- and not as a Post Update Task.

And btw - for a Windows box - do not forget to restart the OS to set environment variables - restarting NW only (as mentioned in the book) is not sufficient.
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