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How do you recover just group definitions (or clone jobs)?

Posted by Michael Leone 
I had a NW server crash over the weekend (lack of disk space), and after I
cleaned up enough room by deleting indexes for clients that no longer
exist, I was able to get the server back up. But half my group definitions
were gone (in NMC). The client definitions themselves were all there, near
as I could tell, but the groups weren't. And I couldn't figure out how to
restore just the group definitions, so I ended up just rebuilding them by
hand (there were over a dozen).

And now I see that the scheduled clone jobs are complaining that "Cannot
find NSR clone resource", and so most, or all, of those are failing. And I
really don't want to have to rebuild those clone jobs by hand, but I may
have to, just because I need to get it back up and running; I don't have a
lot of time to research.

Anyone know how to recover these? (without doing a full server recovery, I
mean) I still haven't had time to upgrade my NW 8.x, so I can't call EMC
and ask.


Michael Leone
Network Administrator, ISM
Philadelphia Housing Authority
2013 Ridge Ave
Phila, PA 19121-4113
Hours: 8AM - 4PM EST
Tel: 215-684-4180
Cell: 215-252-0143

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Recover the resource db by running a 'partial' recovery of your bootstrap save set using the following command:

recover -S <bootstrap_ssid> -a <exact_path_name_to_res_dir> -d <directory>


recover -S 123456789 -a /nsr/res/nsrdb -d /temp

Then, with an appropriate tool, search for "type: NSR group" in your resource files.
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