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Client security violation. Access denied.

Posted by dferguson 
Client security violation. Access denied.
December 05, 2008 01:05PM
Hi All, I am a newbie to HP DataProtector 6.0. I have a Windows 2003 x64 bit server as my Comm Cell Server and a CentOS5 2.6 kernel server as my Installation Server. My problem is every time I try and import my Installation Server to my Comm Cell server It does not import. Looking at my /var/opt/omni/log/inet.log I see

12/05/2008 02:38:47 PM INET.1339.0 ["inet/allow_deny.c /main/dp56/1"] A.06.00 b331
A request 0 (ISINFO) came from host <hostame> (IPaddress) which is not in AllowList: not proceeding with this request!
[Critical] From: INET@<clienthostname> "clienthostname" Time: 12/05/2008 02:38:47 PM

where <hostname> is my comm cell fully qualified hostname and <clienthostname> is my clients fully qualified hostname.

I previously had connected my IS server to my Comm Cell server and was attempting to try and connect a different CentOS client to the Comm Cell thru the CentOS5 IS server and it kept failing to negotiate the user and password which had me thinking that possibly the ssh was not setup correctly. So I setup ssh between the IS server and the prospective client. At this point is when things went south and I could no longer talk to the IS server from the Comm Cell server. I have removed the /.ssh folder but still haven't been able to import the IS server to the Comm Cell Server.

Any ideas?
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