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Creating encryption key.

Posted by jdickerson 
Creating encryption key.
December 28, 2008 08:05PM
:?: We are a very small IT shop and are very new to data Protector version A.06.00. Our cell manager is a windows 2003 serrver and are backing up data on a HP UX system. We finally got the software installed and are able to create backups, but we are having trouble making an encryption key. The instructions say to use the omnikeytool but this command does not work on either on the windows 2003 server or the HP client. I tried using entering the command on the client using the root login in the omni path and on the cell manager using the command line. Neither system has an encryption key file.

Jim D.
Creating encryption key.
December 30, 2008 05:05AM
[quote][quote]Hi, I having a problem with the Filesystem backup. The backup fails due to VBDA hung process timeout.But i have checked on server and there is not a single VBDA process running/hung. Can anyone help!Thanks[/quote][/quote]
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