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Veritas Backup Exec

Forum and mailing list discussing Backup Exec.
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HP 1/8 Ultrium 232 Tape Autoloader - symentacBackup Exec 11d

by abbaskerba
3,909 1 08/28/2009 06:42AM
Last Post by abbaskerba

Netbackup exclusions? Help!

by Tony1100
3,147 1 08/24/2009 08:37PM
Last Post by Tony1100

HOW DO I -- Backup to Removable Backup-to-Disk Folders

by Paul at IPS
2,898 1 08/11/2009 09:46AM
Last Post by Paul at IPS

exchange backup jobs failing on western digital nas storage

by fear_moonlight
3,547 2 08/02/2009 06:36PM
Last Post by Jayles

Backup Exec vs ArcServe

by Anonymous
3,439 3 07/31/2009 02:15AM
Last Post by mitch808

Backup Exec 9.1 inconsistent media backing up mailboxes

by Anonymous
3,993 1 07/14/2009 08:18PM
Last Post by Anonymous

Tape Media Label Icon look like Cleaning Cartige

by movidiu
5,348 1 06/25/2009 11:27AM
Last Post by movidiu

Reporting off of the Backup Exec database / Job Log

by katsumi
5,758 2 06/17/2009 02:29PM
Last Post by ReVeR

Backup to disk and then to removable for offsite

by jsteil
3,199 2 06/17/2009 02:26PM
Last Post by ReVeR

Backup Exec vs ArcServe

by vcoelho
6,631 6 06/11/2009 02:16PM
Last Post by pgallery

Backup Exec 9.1 inconsistent media backing up mailboxes

by Guest
2,501 1 06/01/2009 01:21AM
Last Post by Guest

Back Up Exec v12 B1364 r00 Will not Launch

by geevsie
6,194 5 04/02/2009 12:18AM
Last Post by riffin

Job Cancelled - Deaedlock condition error 34113

by asslan
4,534 2 03/25/2009 01:18AM
Last Post by asslan

How to set Job Rate

by ghan
5,916 2 03/18/2009 11:33AM
Last Post by onlypeace

Backup Exec Removable USB Hard Drives

by FrinkTheBrave
5,231 1 03/16/2009 02:10AM
Last Post by FrinkTheBrave

BE 12.5 Small Business on Server 2008 with Exchange?

by spike4real
3,567 5 02/04/2009 08:56AM
Last Post by spike4real

Backup exec 12.5 desktop agents

by beatson
4,013 1 02/03/2009 08:44AM
Last Post by beatson

Cant Backup Exchange 2007

by ReDeeMerRSA
5,007 3 01/26/2009 11:00PM
Last Post by ReDeeMerRSA

AOFO cache or static volume

by myadid
5,282 5 01/13/2009 11:58PM
Last Post by myadid

Alert email sent but not listed in console.

by akitafan
2,932 1 01/05/2009 11:00AM
Last Post by akitafan

Symantec Backup Exec Advanced File Option

by xtrim
5,082 1 12/11/2008 01:16AM
Last Post by xtrim

Programming interfaces for Backup Exec 12.x

by audumbarpujari
3,274 1 12/11/2008 12:48AM
Last Post by audumbarpujari

BE 12 from member server to DC; backup in error

by JanSevink
4,280 1 11/13/2008 01:12AM
Last Post by JanSevink

books about backupexec12

by Guest
1,612 1 11/10/2008 06:15AM
Last Post by Guest

Thread for suggestions about securing Backupexec12 mediaserv

by Guest
1,619 1 11/10/2008 06:01AM
Last Post by Guest

Backupexec Jobs Username change

by Evan
5,350 4 10/29/2008 11:14PM
Last Post by vetsa_sudhakar

Unable to run inventory

by chrysalid
5,093 1 10/20/2008 08:48AM
Last Post by chrysalid

Why did you choose Backupexec 12.5?

by joeterps
3,153 1 10/10/2008 12:19PM
Last Post by joeterps

Symantec Backup Exec Questions

by BiFo
4,145 2 10/03/2008 06:18AM
Last Post by Alan Beacham

Is this a best practice way of backing up Exchan

by VAs Hachi Roku
2,894 1 09/23/2008 10:28AM
Last Post by VAs Hachi Roku