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How to install bacula version 7.4.0 in macintosh

by joseluis.rodriguez
1,075 1 03/20/2019 02:02PM
Last Post by joseluis.rodriguez

The email from a job contains the password in clear text [Updated]

by bdam
2,887 1 03/01/2018 11:15AM
Last Post by bdam

Restoring Data from OLD unavailable system

by system one
1,435 1 02/14/2018 12:35PM
Last Post by system one

Bacula for OSX 10.9

by Anonymous
5,011 13 08/13/2017 10:05AM
Last Post by ashleydrees

Bacula blocks Auto-clean function on Tape Library

by Jim Richardson
1,015 2 08/02/2017 05:00AM
Last Post by kern

Configuring a fake autochanger for a standalone tape drive in 9.0.2

by Phil Stracchino
1,373 6 08/01/2017 09:07PM
Last Post by Phil Stracchino

Re: Forcing Single File Per Job in Rotation

by Jim Richardson
1,509 1 08/01/2017 05:05PM
Last Post by Jim Richardson

Error talking to remote storage daemon

by Steve Garcia
1,394 4 07/31/2017 10:06PM
Last Post by Phil Stracchino

Baculum 9.0.2 packages

by Marcin Haba
2,048 1 07/29/2017 03:59PM
Last Post by Marcin Haba

high priority job not running

by scar
1,489 1 07/27/2017 09:59PM
Last Post by scar

Cancel Job thats already queued or running

by Oliver Werner
1,030 2 07/27/2017 08:00AM
Last Post by Roberts, Ben

Release 9.0.2

by kern
1,774 1 07/24/2017 11:59AM
Last Post by kern

Bacula kills tape drive and autoloader

by Hicks, Daniel CTR OSD DMEA
1,655 1 07/21/2017 07:59PM
Last Post by Hicks, Daniel CTR OSD DMEA

Bacula manual is too outdated

by Wanderlei Huttel
1,180 2 07/21/2017 06:00PM
Last Post by kern

Connection error

by Andreas Theofilu / Sikom - Essra GmbH
1,020 3 07/21/2017 05:00PM
Last Post by Jose Alberto

How to scheduling the last day of a month?

by Wanderlei Huttel
1,497 1 07/21/2017 04:59PM
Last Post by Wanderlei Huttel

Baculum and LDAP authentication

by Daniel Heitepriem
1,953 1 07/21/2017 07:59AM
Last Post by Daniel Heitepriem

unable to upgrade bacula database from 14 to 15

by Thing
1,568 1 07/20/2017 09:59PM
Last Post by Thing

A *different* append test problem with btape

by Steve Garcia
1,497 1 07/20/2017 08:59PM
Last Post by Steve Garcia

Btape - cannot pass

by Hicks, Daniel CTR OSD DMEA
1,749 1 07/20/2017 07:59PM
Last Post by Hicks, Daniel CTR OSD DMEA

Btape Test - Append Files Test

by Aaron Greenblatt
1,293 2 07/20/2017 05:01PM
Last Post by kern

[9.0.0] Disabled Jobs dont show in log, "run"-Command nor in Job table

by Uwe Schuerkamp
1,049 2 07/20/2017 04:00PM
Last Post by kern

Upgrading Debian 8 to Debian 9 sees a broken bacula server install

by Thing
2,030 1 07/19/2017 10:59PM
Last Post by Thing

Bacula 9.0.0 - StartTime doesnt have a default value

by Mick
1,438 7 07/19/2017 03:00PM
Last Post by Daniel Heitepriem

Delete canceled Job

by Oliver Werner
1,070 2 07/18/2017 12:00PM
Last Post by Josip Deanovic

Problem drive Index 0

by Jose Alberto
1,044 2 07/18/2017 03:02AM
Last Post by Jose Alberto

Backup fails after update to 9.0.0

by Uwe Schuerkamp
1,243 2 07/17/2017 10:59AM
Last Post by kern

Fatal error: Pipe write error

by Elias Pereira
1,739 3 07/15/2017 06:02PM
Last Post by Elias Pereira

About bdirjson, bsdjson, bfdjson

by Wanderlei Huttel
1,915 2 07/15/2017 04:00PM
Last Post by kern

Release 9.0. 0 - Suse - ACL Error

by Mick
1,365 8 07/15/2017 01:05PM
Last Post by kern