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About new LTO-4 tapes (dirty drive)

by Danixu86
14,486 1 12/09/2014 07:36AM
Last Post by Danixu86

Help - Chosing backup software

by thorin666
2,276 2 10/29/2014 10:03AM
Last Post by diegoa_a

Can Longer reach the web interface for IBM Tape library 3584

by naslicer
2,560 1 10/23/2014 08:25AM
Last Post by naslicer

Enterprise class backup / dedup / s3 / glacier

by repudi8or
2,096 1 09/02/2014 12:56AM
Last Post by repudi8or

New LTO6 User Experiencing Error with LTFS Manager

by ericbrownv9
3,185 2 08/31/2014 02:35PM
Last Post by Hummdis

Why do LTO changers need labels?

by ExecutiveParkingLot
2,274 2 08/31/2014 02:25PM
Last Post by Hummdis

Anyone interested in testing new Linux backup utility Snebu?

by derekp7
2,452 1 08/27/2014 06:17PM
Last Post by derekp7

adic scalar i500

by duna_m
8,436 6 08/15/2014 09:49AM
Last Post by andrew.sharman@capita.co.

does anyone use Iron Mountain?

by sql_noob
4,836 3 08/07/2014 12:29PM
Last Post by ExecutiveParkingLot


by MRM
2,182 1 07/09/2014 09:57AM
Last Post by MRM

LTO Tape Weight Limit?

by Vygur
3,194 3 07/02/2014 11:14PM
Last Post by abhaykumar

what is the best approach for big full small incr backup?

by r33300
2,237 1 05/14/2014 01:56PM
Last Post by r33300

Bacula vs Amanda vs BackupPC for multitenant service?

by cyruspy
4,319 1 03/16/2014 09:01PM
Last Post by cyruspy

Basic backup strategy for a small office (incl. useful poll)

by dan_b
2,407 1 02/27/2014 12:13PM
Last Post by dan_b

Cloud Backup: Pro's Con's

by jm51roe
2,240 1 02/06/2014 01:51AM
Last Post by jm51roe

Can two backup agents coexsist on the same client?

by eptc
2,362 1 01/07/2014 09:46AM
Last Post by eptc

Best Backup software

by trissa
3,112 5 12/14/2013 09:32AM
Last Post by trissa

Hardware requirements for backup soft

by DonC
3,701 2 09/04/2013 11:39PM
Last Post by DonC

Hyper-V backup - Exchange server log truncation

by Thileepan
3,688 1 08/27/2013 01:05AM
Last Post by Thileepan

Hardlink handling by backup software in general (tape

by fippo
3,565 1 07/26/2013 07:26AM
Last Post by fippo

webacula help

by revslikehell
4,109 2 07/24/2013 06:36PM
Last Post by revslikehell

cloning lto tape over network

by robertw
3,834 1 07/11/2013 08:43AM
Last Post by robertw


by bchick
3,897 1 06/13/2013 10:31AM
Last Post by bchick

Report LTO usage

by clarkseth
3,733 1 06/06/2013 08:49AM
Last Post by clarkseth

Spectra T950 LTO5 drives failing

by mmstan
3,591 1 05/31/2013 03:02AM
Last Post by mmstan

Exchange Server Backup

by katharine
3,377 1 05/17/2013 10:22PM
Last Post by katharine

Trying to backup Windows Laptop on Domain

by jerden
3,489 1 05/14/2013 01:54PM
Last Post by jerden

Microsoft Backup on Microsoft Server 2012

by neillfs
3,607 2 05/01/2013 05:34AM
Last Post by Wizard-ICT

Intelligent Archiving

by macgregor_ja
3,290 1 04/23/2013 06:08AM
Last Post by macgregor_ja

BAckuppc Rsync problem with Apple.

by dabreu
4,033 1 04/11/2013 11:32AM
Last Post by dabreu