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This is a forum and mailing list for anything that doesn't fit into any of the forums.
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remote Rsync service hanging intermittently (myfault?)

by backupCountry
3,372 1 04/19/2012 08:36AM
Last Post by backupCountry

Best Backup Media to be Used ?

by msalmaan
3,365 1 03/13/2012 12:51AM
Last Post by msalmaan

Backup issues: DXI 6700 / HPUX

by lodid
4,428 2 03/10/2012 06:17AM
Last Post by lodid

Data Domain DR site off by 30%

by bigblockdan
3,338 1 02/22/2012 05:54AM
Last Post by bigblockdan

Unchanged files keep getting in incremental

by Guest
736 4 12/12/2011 05:20AM
Last Post by Guest

WAN optimization

by mdubash
5,688 3 12/11/2011 04:39PM
Last Post by marathe.nikhil@gmail.com

Rcommendations for replication software (non-SAN)

by rcaldwell73
3,288 1 12/02/2011 09:23AM
Last Post by rcaldwell73

Information on LTO-1

by simplyseismic
3,570 3 11/16/2011 09:09PM
Last Post by Hummdis

looking for a solution for big volume archive.....

by Guest
843 1 11/14/2011 04:53PM
Last Post by Guest

IBM TS3310: move slot to drive fails

by jijalicious
2,839 2 11/03/2011 04:59AM
Last Post by jijalicious

LTO4 Tape encryption on LTO5 drives

by Guest
965 1 10/27/2011 01:35PM
Last Post by Guest

Need Software recomendation for cloning Drive

by RonH
2,911 4 10/27/2011 11:37AM
Last Post by RonH

Tape Encryption Key Management With RSA Data Protection Mgr.

by howardsherman
3,469 1 10/25/2011 08:59AM
Last Post by howardsherman

NDMP copy

by starsystemXXX
3,681 3 09/24/2011 08:10PM
Last Post by diegoa_a RMAN using TDPO/TSM Question

by joyqli
3,400 1 09/21/2011 04:33PM
Last Post by joyqli

File Server Backup Solutions

by matthew230
3,319 1 09/19/2011 01:03AM
Last Post by matthew230

Netbackup vs Tivoli Storage Manager

by NetCookingTalk
4,424 2 09/13/2011 05:28AM
Last Post by Jovetech


by Rocky
3,995 3 09/11/2011 08:11PM
Last Post by Rocky

opinions requested on comparision of DPM, Simpana, Avamar

by terri.wilson@gates.com
3,457 1 09/09/2011 10:08AM
Last Post by terri.wilson@gates.com

as400 backup options?

by terri.wilson@gates.com
7,606 1 09/09/2011 10:02AM
Last Post by terri.wilson@gates.com

did ltfs screw up my LTO5 tape?

by sabujp
11,969 4 08/19/2011 03:31PM
Last Post by Hummdis

How useful is a fire safe for tape media?

by NJS
3,358 2 08/03/2011 09:47AM
Last Post by Hummdis

Bar metal restore to dissimilar hardware

by Guest
3,900 2 07/25/2011 08:24PM
Last Post by jedgresham


by Alexey
3,793 2 07/25/2011 07:48PM
Last Post by jedgresham

Looking for a snapshot solution

by research
3,262 2 07/25/2011 07:44PM
Last Post by jedgresham

Replacing my backup product

by einatgiladi
3,121 2 07/18/2011 12:35PM
Last Post by BowlingSS

Off-site backup/replication of file data

by stupalmer
3,314 2 07/06/2011 04:19AM
Last Post by stupalmer

Generic question ... which software do you suggest.....

by carletto
4,671 5 07/05/2011 07:52PM
Last Post by network

Bacula is not taking backup

by hi007007
3,004 1 06/28/2011 01:57PM
Last Post by hi007007

A reporting and monitoring tools for various hardware

by rcaldwell73
2,973 2 06/21/2011 10:13AM
Last Post by NetCookingTalk