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Communicate with thousands of other users of popular backup software and hardware products here at Backup Central!

Mailing Lists
The quickest way to get your questions answered (and to answer other people’s questions) is one of our mailing lists.  And they’re easy to join!

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Web-Based Forums
If you’d prefer not to get any more email, we also have web-based forums for each of the major backup products.  You can browse them anonymously, but if you wish to post or respond to messages, you’ll need a free Backup Central User ID.

Please use the mailing list option for smaller communities!
Some of the forums are very well established with thousands of subscribers and dozens of posts/emails a day, and are easy to recognize by their very large number of posts.  Others are barely getting going with only 10-50 subscribers and could really use your help.   Subscribing via email might get you only one or two emails a month, and will allow you to respond immediately to a new question. Quickly answered questions will help these communities grow much faster. Please consider the mailing list option for any of the smaller communities you can contribute to.

It’s all good
Both options have the same messages.  Every email sent to a mailing list is also sent to the forum and every post in the forum is also sent to the appropriate mailing list.  So don’t worry about missing out on anything, regardless of which option you choose.

Quick links for our frequent flyers:


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