Hold onto your boarding passes

Yet another way to have your identity stolen…

This doesn't really have anything to do with backups, but…

I sat next to a guy on a plane that was talking to American Airlines customer service. Apparently he had left his boarding passes on a plane, or had done something like that, so that someone had gotten hold of his name and frequent flier number.  Someone took that info, called into AA's customer support line, and (posing as him) had booked tickets for themselves.  Since AA allows you to use your miles to buy someone else a ticket, this was business as usual.

American said there was nothing they could do. If the person who did this used a fake ID, there was no way to trace them


Since about the only positive thing I get out of my travel is my frequent flier miles, that would SUCK.  Hold onto and shred your boarding passes, or anything else with your FF # on it.

Just thought of something….

If you buy a lot of NetApps, do you get frequent filer points?