More changes @ Backup Central

Just a quick note to keep you abreast of what's happening at Backup Central: A lot!

As always, the most recent Curtis' Backup Blog entries can be found here.

The most recently changed pages in the Wiki can be seen here. Lots of good stuff there, including

The most recent news can be seen here

Other recent changes:

  1. Made it easier to get reminded of your forgotten user id and/or password. (Now you only have to enter the email address you used to register, and it will reset your password and send both your user id and password to you.)
  2. Created a two-way link between the NetBackup, NetWorker, & TSM mailing lists and their respective forums on the site.  (Posts to the forum show up on the mailing list with you Backup Central user id on them.)
  3. The RSS feed is activated.  If your browser supports it, the links can be found in the address bar and/or the lower left-hand corner of the Home Page.