NetWorker DIDN'T mess up an old feature

According to a recent post on the NetWorker discussion list, EMC messed up a long standing default behavior of NetWorker.  I didn't believe it, and it turns out I was right. 😉

Here's what I originally wrote, now in the past tense (updated info is at the end of this post): 

Multiple posters in a discussion on the NetWorker mailing list reported that EMC had changed its long-standing behavior of the All saveset.  According to the docs, and YEARS of tradition, the All saveset is supposed to back up locally mounted filesystems and exclude network mounted filesystems (e.g NFS/CIFS).  The posters said this was no longer the case.  Multiple users reported that on Unix/Linux it now backs up anything listed in the /etc/fstab or vfstab file.

If it were true, this would mess up many customers when they upgrade to the latest version, including the user who began the discussion on the mailing list.  All of the sudden, their backups would grow in size like crazy, and they won't know why.  It would give me incentive to recommend that people don't use the All saveset, going against YEARS of recommending the opposite.

I said it would be great if someone from product engineering responded to me, and they did.

Updated information: 

EMC said that there was a bug in the CIFS code, and it has been fixed.  To their knowledge there's no bug in the NFS code, and they were unable to reproduce it.  If you are experiencing this problem, contact support.

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