NetWorker nsradmin "Mini-Manual"

A guy who I refer to as “the other Preston” has just written and published what he refers to as a “mini-manual” for NetWorker and published it on his blog.

According to his “about” page, Preston de Guise has been working in consulting since 1996.  He also wrote a book about backups called  Enterprise Systems Backup and Recovery: A corporate insurance policy, and was kind enough to send me a copy to read.  (I also have been doing consulting since ’96 and have written a book or two. This is why I call this guy “the other Preston.”)

Although he does not have my blog listed on the “other” blogs section on his website (Ahem!), I’m going to give Preston a big shoutout from Backup Central and point you to his nsradmin Micromanual, whicn can be found here.  Warning, his “micro-manual” is over 60 pages. ;)  I have not had time to read it, but I know Preston to be a very smart guy, especially in all things NetWorker, so I’ll trust him.