Veeam Acquisition – Part 2 (Restore it All Podcast #30)

Due to the popularity of last week’s podcast (An investor’s perspective on Veem’s Acquisiton), Prasanna and I decided to discuss this topic further. We used the article “The 6 things a private equity firm will do after they buy your business” from as a reference:

Knative Book Author Schools Mr. Backup in Kubernetes & Container backup (Restore it All Podcast #31)

We have a special guest this week! None other than the author of “Knative in Action,” Jacques Chester is joining Prasanna and Curtis to help us understand the interesting world of Kubernetes, Docker, Knative, and how it all relates to backup and storage.

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Veeam acquisition from an investor perspective (Restore it All Podcast #29)

One of the most successful investors in technology stocks is our special guest this first podcast of the new year! Matt Feshbach has managed billions in tech stocks, and he lends his brain to answer questions such as:

– What does it mean that a private equity company just bought Veeam?
– Why would they do that?
– What’s next?

It’s a great podcast where I learned a lot. Hope you like it!