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Need some serious counseling with Data Protector.
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Post Need some serious counseling with Data Protector. 
Good day all, I appreciate everybody that reads this and give any feedback at all.
I took over a position in a very large company that likes to make its admins use tools that they already have, instead of what they are comfortable with. When I started I was forced to learn and use HP Data Protector. I am used to CommVault Galaxy and Veritas, not Data Protector. I first took a look at Data Protector and litteraly thought "This is a piece of s**t software." I still think it is and my company is not willing to listen to me about anything that I have to say because "we already paid for this".

In the best interest in the company I have tried to figure out the ins and outs of Data Protector with not much luck. I have been trying to get the product to do things that it seems it is unable to do.

I am warning you now, I am no Data Protector expert and I am expecting this post to go on for some time and I appreciate anybody that will stick through it with me because I am totally willing to learn this if it is possible.

I will start off by telling you a little about my environment:
Version 5.5
1 Cell with Cell Manager running on HP-UX
Backing up about 20 HP-UX servers and 250 Windows servers
Using 12 LTO 4 tape drives in an HP ESL library.
I use about 8 tapes a night with incrementals and 20 with Fulls on the weekend (still using LTO3 tapes)

Some of the issues I have are:

I read a report that put Data Protector in second place compared to CommVault Galaxy. I don't see how these two compare because I see so many better features in Galaxy then I do in DP. I am a Windows admin, are most people who use and like Data Protector Unix admins?
Backups do not Queue. I have to figure out how long each backup job will take and massage the times that they start. Otherwise the job will timeout and eventually fail because it hasn't started in a timely fashion because the tape drives are used up.
Need a seperate job for each of our 20 Lotus Domino, Oracle and SQL servers. This is a pain in the you know what because I have to have a seperate job for every server out there that has a special agent.
The documentation for HP DP recommends each cell have about 100 servers in it. Does anybody have more than this and is it a concern?
If you have your cell manager on Windows instead of Unix is the experience with the client any different?
I will start this off small, I have other concerns and will post them after I have gotten somebody's attention.

I would like to know also is: How much better is 6.0 compared to 5.5? Is the upgrade on Unix difficult? I want to upgrade but I think our Unix people are scared that it will be difficult.

Once again, I appreciate anybody and everybody for taking the time to read this and post your comments. I am slowly moving along with Data Protector and I am finally giving it the benefit of the doubt because things that I am reading says it is good, but I have yet to see it and I am hoping it is my ignorance of the product.

Thanks again.

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Post Need some serious counseling with Data Protector. 

Sure if i have any queries, i will be in touch with u.

Thanks in Advance!

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I'm expert in Data Protector 06.00 on Windows Operating System like cell

If you need to help please contact me by email:

gabriele.falchi < at >

Now I'm leaving in Voncouver and you?

Thanks Very Happy

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Post Thank you 
Wow, I forgot I posted this, I never got emails when there were replies.

Does anybody have experience using VMware Consolidated Backup with Data Protector 6.1?
Our Unix people are currently attempting to upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1. The Cell Manager is on Unix. After the upgrade we will be adding 4 Cell Managers and implementing Manager of Managers (MoM). We have about 350 Windows machines and 50 Unix machines getting backed up with 1 cell manager.
After we separate the jobs to the 4 new Cell managers (on Windows not Unix) we want to implement VCB.
I am concerned at how people are using Data Protector with VCB and anything in particular that you can share.
I appreciate your help.

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Post DP 5.5 -> 6.0 upgrade, etc. 
Data Protector used to be called OmniBack, then OmniBack II, and was only on HP-UX for a long time, then supported other UNIX boxes, then finally Windows (in the Data Protector 4.x days I believe). Also HP historically has tended to throw in the DP licenses for (relatively) cheap or free with their bigger HP PA-RISC and Itanium based HPUX servers. So a lot of HPUX and other UNIX / Linux admins will have a head start on you. Then again I'm an old timer, I go back to the old days of NT being based on VMS originally Cool

However the Windows vs. UNIX versions from a server side perspective are not much different nowadays, since both are primarily managed through the Windows based Manager GUI. The command line functionality is also pretty much equal since the Windows binaries have the same names (plus .exe extension of course), options, etc. as the UNIX ones. Though unless you have Cygwin bash or PowerShell installed, using the DOS cmd window for any command-line tasks on Windows, may drive you to distraction.

Agreed that the DP native scheduling function is lame, we use Tivoli Workload Scheduler (a/k/a Maestro) on HPUX to work around it and queue jobs.

Our upgrade from 5.5 to 6.0 was very smooth, and I anticipate the same from 6.0 to 6.1 (though apparently the software licensing may be an issue there, unlike for all previous upgrades from HP). I would recommend you have 5.5 patched up to the latest levels first on the server. Remember you also have to install the patches on the server as though it were a client using the GUI, even after the HPUX swinstall stuff is done on the server command line. Also push them to your regular clients. Then after 6.0 install on the server, put on all those patches, push them to server, then to clients (I believe this will upgrade them from 5.5 to 6.0 automatically, but check the install docs to be sure). If you have any installation servers (for example running Windows, since it is easier to install on Windows clients that way) then upgrade those too.

Haven't used VCB yet, since we aren't on 6.1 yet, but I will let you know if and when we get there. Cool Cool Cool

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