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new to rsnapshot/make test problems
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Post new to rsnapshot/make test problems 

first of all thanks to David Cantrell for not sending me to hell
after my post from gmane wonky interface.
After his reply I decided to do an installation on a separate prefix
to have a look at it (mainly the conf file and the man page).
One of the reasons for my early reaction was the failure of the test
(make test). You must admit that the failure of an early test does
not encourage much... but I have found the reasons of failure.
1) lack of gnu-cp. The first test is skipped, so it's not really an
error, owing to the lack of an optional component, namely gnu cp. If
I understand correctly gnu cp is optional, it is sufficient to let
cmd_cp commented out in the config file and rsnapshot will take care
of it.

2) failure of relative_delete_bugfix: this one fails if there is a
symbolic link (an unsafe link in this case) in the path of rsnapshot
source. Easily fixed by moving the source, but an indication of
possible configuration problems.

3) there is another t/*.t file that needs patching,,
the patch is obvious (one .. instead of . and a missing t/).

I am now happy that the tests work. Now I have to see how to make
backups that do not interfere with other rsync tasks that might exist
between source and target (not necessarily in the same direction),
but this might be the subject of another thread.



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