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Update of /cvsroot/rsnapshot/rsnapshot/utils
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New script creates a parallel directory hierarchy
arranged like backup_point/backup_name instead of backup_name/backup_point
with a combination of directories for backup points and symlinks for the
backup names

--- NEW FILE: ---

# $Id:,v 1.1 2007/04/12 16:51:58 drhyde Exp $

# This script takes one parameter, which should be your rsnapshot config
# file. It will parse that file to find your snapshot_root, backup points,
# and interval/retain values, and will create from those an inverted
# directory structure of backup points containing daily.{0,1,2,3} etc
# symlinks. Run it from a cron job to keep that structure up to date.
# There is minimal^Wno error checking, and the parsing is totally brain-
# dead.

SNAPSHOT_ROOT=`grep ^snapshot_root $1|awk '{print \$2}'`
BACKUPS=`grep ^backup $1|awk '{print \$3}'`
INTERVALS=`grep -E '^(interval|retain)' $1|awk '{print \$2}'`

for i in $BACKUPS; do
mkdir $i
for j in $INTERVALS; do
HOWMANY=`grep -E ^\(interval\|retain\).$j $1|awk '{print \$3}'`
while [[ $COUNT != $HOWMANY ]]; do
COUNT=$(($COUNT + 1))

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