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Moving out of ACS library type to TLD one - L700 and media s
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Post Moving out of ACS library type to TLD one - L700 and media s 
Currently we do have ours L700e robotic arm connected via SCSI cable
an AIX box, where acsls software is running. All tape drives in this
library are FC.
As we merged ours master/media servers into only one NBU domain I do
not really see futher need of ACSLS. So I planned to exchange the
L700e SCSI card with FC one and connect it
to FC switch where would be zonned with one of ours media servers
which start acting as robot control host for TLD based type libary.
We already tried twice to get this done and each time we failed.
For first time I zonned this robotic arm with AIX media server. Then I
ran config manager on it.
I spent a long time to fiugre out the SCSI ID of the robot to create
special file with mkdev command (of course the ovpass driver was
installed and everything
was following the procedure from device manager config guide, I used
the correct FC HBA etc...).
Once I managed to find SCSI ID I created the ovpass0 device, but the
robtest command was unable to talk with this library. Well I ran
tldtest -r /dev/ovpass0 command...
I was trying to use configuration wizzard but it claimed that this
library does not support serializing (all tape drives belonging to it
were just stand alone ones).
As we ran out of maintenance window I had to rollback to SCSI and
ACSLS software (in this config L700 works perfectly).
For second time I zonned this robotic arm with wintel media server.
After refreshing OS device manager tree I saw the unknown media
changer there. So I started configuration on NBU end.
Again wizzard complained that this robot does not support
serialization, so I configured each and every drive manually by
matching its serial number and position in library. Once done
ltid was restarted (well frankly speaking I restarted the whole wintel
box as this was windows based OS) but all tape drives were in AVR
status. So I tried again robtest utility and
similar as to AIX box it was unable to 'talk' to L700. I had some
strange errors I've never seen before.

Question to all of you. What I am doing wrong?
Is there anything that should be setup on L700 or robotic FC card
itself? Unfortunatelly I am remotely to this device and can not have
my hands on it. Please advice, any ideas are welcome.
Veritas-bu maillist - Veritas-bu < at >

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