A proud day to be an American

I don’t care what your political affiliation is.  It’s a proud day to be an American. 

Those of you that have followed this site knows I don’t post political stuff.  But today I’m making an exception.

Our new president was born to a mixed-race family with modest means and married a woman that was born to a family also with modest means.  (His mother-in-law’s move to the White House is her first move ever.)  Now he’s President of The United States.

As the father of mixed-race children, I know how they can be presented with special challenges.  I like to tell my children that this is a country where a person of any race can do anything they want.  Watching the inauguration today made feel that was more true than ever before.

Like I already said: I don’t care what your political affiliation is; you should stand up today and be proud today.

One thought on “A proud day to be an American

  1. stu52 says:

    And as I heard one person say it, the “brand” of the United States has just improved around the world. Yes, I’m proud and I think that if you travel abroad, you will find that saying that you are American will not get you a nasty look any longer.

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