Is SNW good for end users?

Steve Duplessie tweeted today that he thought that SNW was a waste for end-users.  Historically I would agree with him, but I thought I’d give the question a fresh look.  Sometimes end users ask me, “If you were me and you could only go to one seminar a year, which one would you go to?”

First, let’s consider the vendor-specific shows: EMC World, CA World, VM World, Mac World, Symantec Vision, etc.  I assume you know what you’re going to get when you go to those shows.  The answer to every problem you have is a product from that company, or at the very most, a product from a partner of that company that probably isn’t a competitor of that company.  I remember once when I saw an exhibitor at a vendor-specific show ignore this and it did not go over well.  So if you want to learn all about vendor A and why they’re so great — and never get any