Looks like I wasn't the only one surprised

Looks like at least one other GlassHouse employee was as surprised by my departure as I was.  I had a good laugh when something arrived at my front door just now.  (Click Read More to see more.)

It looks like the “send a gift to all GlassHouse employees” person was as surprised as I was that I don’t work there any more.  Works for me!  Sausages and cheese are nice munchies while I’m sitting here at my computer looking for a job. 😉

But it was when I looked at the shipping label that I got the big laugh.  They told USPS to go ahead and leave the package in case I didn’t answer the door.  Maybe they thought I’d be too depressed to answer, or maybe they thought I might not answer the door if I knew it was from them.   That combined with the usual generic “best wishes for a happy holiday season” at the bottom gave me the laugh I needed for today.

.package cover

I spent the whole day fielding “what the heck?” and “will you come work for US?” phone calls.  Between those and trying to fix the gaping whole in my life caused by the sudden loss of Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Server, I was a pretty busy camper.  (Gmail, IMAP, and Gmail calendar are now my best friends…)  Several hours later, I’ve got all my various personal email accounts under one roof, all of which are now accesible via Outlook.  Funny how important communications is when you’re looking for work.

Did I mention I was looking for work?  wcurtispreston@gmail.com

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7 thoughts on “Looks like I wasn't the only one surprised

  1. Aaron Kristoff says:

    I would scarf this stuff down as soon as possible. In an effort to drive their organization towards profitability, GH may send the cheese and sausy repo man by your place.
    Trust me, there is nothing like jamming down a 1/4 lb beef log in 5 minutes chased by a sliver of some sort of stinky cheese.

  2. Scott Waterhouse says:

    You know that the only way to digest that much meat and cheese is to help it along with a nice bottle of red wine. I am not sure what that will do for your organizational skills (or telephone interview skills!) but it will certainly help in a lot of other ways. Just saying… :woohoo:

  3. deason says:

    I bet you’d like to shove the summer sausage somewhere hey!

    Well being let go is the nastiest experience ever but it makes for a stronger person/ego/soul and I expect your seeing that with the massive amount of offers on the table!!!

    I hope you find a role that allows shared knowledge as it would be a crying shame to not have that in future. I attended backup school in London once and it was a great day…



  4. cpjlboss says:

    There were a few hours/days where I would have felt just that way…. It IS a huge blow to the ego, isn’t it?

    But I’m so past that stage at this point. I do have several offers on the table at this point, and they all look even more tasty than summer sausage. 😉 I’ve also gotten a number of investment bites for my business idea as well. So it’ll probably shape up to be the best year ever.

    Trust me, continued updates on this and other sites, as well as speaking engagements, are first and foremost in my mind, as I get a lot of enjoyment from helping others.

  5. deason says:

    Great news man, the downturn in the economy is a good opportunity for sensible business man…look at Mr Siebel always started in a downturn.

    I’ll be watching out for ya…

    Like the business idea, there are far too many vendors which have built up a status and reputation over the last few years on customers with throwaway fund budgets, now IT decision makers and purse string holders are going to have there work cut out so if i understand the idea right it will fly I am sure.

    Kind Regards


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