Who is W. Curtis Preston?

I’m an expert in backup & recovery systems and have been working with them since 1993 and a consultant in the space in 1996.  I’ve used everything from dump, tar, & cpio to enterpise-level backup software, and most tape drives from a 9-track reel to today’s terabyte drives.  I’ve written three books on the subject, Backup & Recovery, Using SANs and NAS, and Unix Backup & Recovery (which is now out of print, having been replaced by the more recent Backup & Recovery). I’m working on a new book, but at my current rate it may be a while.  I’m also a frequent conference speaker and writer technical publications.


I started my career in backups as “the backup guy” for MBNA, who was at that time the second largest credit card company.  I managed the backups as we grew from 15 to 250 servers, and from 2 operating systems to 5 operating systems, running Informix, Oracle, Sybase & other applications.  Windows was just beginning to grow in the datacenter.

I left MBNA to join Collective Technologies in 1996, which was a large consulting company that made a lot of money in the .com days, but didn’t quite make it through them.  (Technically, they did, but with less than 1/4th of its employees.)  I owe a lot to my time at that company, and to the support of some incredible people that I still stay in contact with to this day.

In February of 2001 I started my own company called The Storage Group, and we specialized in backup & recovery system design, implementation, and management.  Things grew for three years, at which point the competition offered to buy me out.  Who was I to say no?

For over four years, I was the VP of Data Protection at GlassHouse Technologies, the largest independent provider of professional services in the infrastructure space.  My position there was eliminated on Dec 19, 2008.

I also spent two years as a part-time employee of Tech Target. During those two years there I conducted over 100 seminars and tradeshows, along with many articles and tips for various Tech Target properties.

I then started another company called Truth in IT, Inc and ran that company for five years before selling it to Ekovox.

I am now an independent contractor who is available for a variety of services including expert witness, writing, and speaking.  I am also avaialble for limited consulting engagements.


I hope you enjoy the site.

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