Who is W. Curtis Preston?

W. Curtis Preston is available as an expert witness and consultant in the areas of storage, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and associated products and services. You may contact him by email or phone at 760 419 5838.

Preston has specialized in storage, backup, and recovery since 1993 and a consultant in the space in 1996.  He’s written three books on the subject, Backup & Recovery, Using SANs and NAS, and Unix Backup & Recovery (which is now out of print, having been replaced by the more recent Backup & Recovery). He’s working on a new book covering modern recovery systems.

Preston has provided expert witness services for many cases, including multiple patent infringement cases and a few insurance cases.


W. Curtis Preston started his career in backups as “the backup guy” for MBNA, who was at that time the second largest credit card company.  He managed the backups as they grew from 15 to 250 servers, and from 2 operating systems to 5 operating systems, running Informix, Oracle, Sybase & other applications.  Windows was just beginning to grow in the datacenter.

He left MBNA to join Collective Technologies in 1996, which was a large consulting company that made a lot of money in the .com days, but didn’t quite make it through them.  In February of 2001 he started his first company called The Storage Group, and they specialized in backup & recovery system design, implementation, and management.

The Storage Group was acquired by GlassHouse  Technologies, where Preston was the VP of Data Protection for five years.  At the time they were the largest independent provider of professional services in the infrastructure space.

He then started another company called Truth in IT, Inc and ran that company for five years before selling it to Ekovox.

He is now an independent contractor who is available for a variety of services including expert witness, writing, and speaking.  He is also available for limited consulting engagements.

You may contact Mr. Preston by email or phone at 760 419 5838.

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