How do I exclude files and directories from NDMP backups?

From Backup Central

From a NetApp engineer (via Rob Worman):

The way to exclude files on NetApp when using NetBackup with NDMP is to use an entry in the file list that sets the EXCLUDE NDMP environmental variable.

For example, if you wanted to exclude a directory named /vol/vol1/A, but wanted to dump the rest of the volume, your NetBackup class file list would look like this:



To exclude multiple files or directories, you would use commas to delimit the field:



The rules are stated as being the same as they are for native dump commands. The exclude list is specified relative to the dump path. If a directory name or file name contains a space, you probably need to enclose the string in quotes:

SET EXCLUDE = 'file with space in name'


Take a look at the ontap manuals for DUMP for more information.