How do I exclude files and directories from regular backups?

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On Unix clients, you create an exclude_list on the client. You may exclude globally, or by class and/or schedule. /usr/openv/netbackup/exclude_list[.<classname>[.<schedulename>]] should list the files, directories, or partitions you want to exclude. You may use wildcards.

On Microsoft Windows clients, specify exclude and include lists in the NetBackup Configuration dialog box in the user interface on the client. To open this dialog box, start the user interface on the client and click Configure on the Actions menu. Then, go to the Exclude List or Include list tab.

You can also use bpsetconfig to push out exclude lists to Windows clients. Make sure you test how to use this properly before using it in production.

/proc and cdrom filesystems are recognized as such on the more common unix systems, and their contents are automatically excluded (see all log entries). If you do wish/have to specify them, you might want to say something like "/proc/*" so that the /proc mount point exists in case of full system restore (Solaris for one will get mad if it doesn't).

Some feel that excluding things like core files probably adds more in the preprocessing than it's worth (that's one more strcmp on every file).

I really hope that people will NOT exclude the nbu db during regular backups.

Let's say that just before leaving on Friday afternoon, you accidentally delete half your images directory. Come Monday morning, you realize what you did, but by this time it's too late, both of your db tapes have been used, and now you're scanning tapes. Of course, depending upon your needs and time since last backup of the server, you may end up scanning anyway, but at least you're closer (if you're lucky and the master wasn't one of the clients you've just blown away).