How do I use an alternate media server for a restore?

From Backup Central

The bp.conf file will need the following entry:

FAILOVER_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVERS = <media server> <failover media server> <failover media server> etc.

This also works if your media server hostname changes. I ran into a problem after the a media server I use had its hostname changed. When I went to restore files that were backed up under the media server's old name, the restore would fail because the master couldn't connect to the media server by the old name.

Another way to look at the bp.conf entry is: FAILOVER_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVERS = <old media server name> <new media server name> You can also use the FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER = fromhost tohost in the bp.conf. Also you can refer to the "Server Independant Restores" section of the NetBackup System Administrators guide.