How do you configure NetBackup to work with NDMP?

From Backup Central

This answer assumes the hostname of your NDMP box is "toaster" and the hostname of your Master Server is "dumpster"

Do the following: 1) Login to dumpster as root, and install the NDMP packages (SUNWnbdmp). If you are not aware, you have to purchase the NDMP option from Veritas for NetBackup. You get the NDMP package, documentation.

2) Set your NDMP authorization: dumpster# /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/set_ndmp_attr -auth toaster root It will ask you for a Password, and enter toaster's password.

3) Put the following line in /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf: ALLOW_NDMP

4) Connect toaster to one of the drives in your Jukebox, and reboot it so it can recognize the drive. Unfortunately, NetApps dont have drvconfig or alike. Check to make sure the drive is recognized after reboot: toaster % sysconfig -t This will show you the drive, and all device files you can use with it. I normally use the norewind device nrst0a. (or b.. whatever comes up in sysconfig's output)

5) On toaster, start the ndmpd daemon. ndmpd daemon comes with DataONTAP so it should be there (atleast in recent versions). To start ndmpd, do toaster % ndmpd on To see the usage of ndmpd, just enter ndmpd.

6) Come back to your master server (dumpster), and add the NDMP drive: Pull up xdevadm, select DRIVES -> ADD DRIVE. This will pull up the ADD DRIVE window. In that window, select/provide the following information: DRIVE TYPE: DLT (or whatever type your drive is)

DRIVE INDEX: 0 (or any number of your choice)

DRIVE NAME: toaster_jukeboxname_drive# (or what ever you like)

NO REWIND DEVICE: toaster:nrst0a


CLEANING FREQUENCY: 300 (or what ever you like)


ROBOT TYPE: TLD (or what ever type your Jukebox is)

ROBOT NUMBER: <your robot's number>

ROBOT DRIVE: <drive number of the drive thats connected to toaster>

At this point, you're ready to test NDMP backups. Use xbpadm to create a class of type NDMP, and include toaster as client, and a sample directory under file list. Create a schedule "manual_backup" dont put any regular dates on it, and start a manual backup of that NDMP class for toaster and see how it goes.

You do not have to install any software on toaster. All you need to do is start ndmpd. You want to put that in its rc file so its started every time its rebooted.