What's with all of these different "max jobs" settings?

From Backup Central

The number of simultaneous active backup jobs that can run on a client is regulated by five different NetBackup configuration parameters:

1. "max jobs per client" value, set globally 2. "max jobs per policy/class" value, set for each class 3. "max jobs" value, set for each client (*) 4. "max multiplex per drive" value, set for each storage unit 5. "max multiplex per drive" value, set for each backup schedule in a policy/class

So when a backup job is being prepared for a particular client, the scheduler checks to make sure that the new job won't challenge any of the limits above and thus decides if the backup job can go active right away or if it has to wait in the queue.

  • If specified, it will override the global "max jobs per client" value. To specify a client-level "max jobs" parameter:

bpclient -client $CLIENTNAME -add -max_jobs $MAXJOBS


These topics are discussed in the NetBackup SysAdmin Guide as part of the discussion of the "Allow Multiple DataStreams" and "Multiplexing" features.