Yesterday (Backup Version) A Parody Music Video

Finally the world can see what we've been showing in our Backup Central Live! shows.  This video is the first music parody song we produced, and the first music video that we did.  I hope you enjoy it.

Yesterday (Backup Version) from on Vimeo.

The musician, singer and actor for the video is none other than Cameron Romney, a talented young man I met in my daughters’ show choir. He’s 16 yo and did all the instruments, vocals, and sound mixing for this song. In case you’re curious, yes, he’s related to Mitt Romney. 1st cousin, twice removed, or something like that.

This is the first in a series of these videos that I’ll be publishing on TrueBit.TV. Make sure to check out our educational videos at TrueBit.TV.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday (Backup Version) A Parody Music Video

  1. Rob Cosgrove says:

    The origin of the lyric – This was written for me by by Sunni Freyer, a PR person in Washington State in 1998. It was first published in January 1999 on my old website, the precursor to the current

    A second stanza was written by Bill Frick, also in 1998. Both original lyrics can be found on the Wayback Machine Internet Arcives from January 17, 1999 at the following link:

  2. cpjlboss says:


    Thanks for bringing me up to date! We have given now given Sunni Freyer credit for the lyrics.

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