For me there have always been two storage events: Storage Decisions & Storage Networking World.  There are others, but these are the two I have historically missed only if forced to.  Now I’m switching one of them out for a show I’ll bet you’ve never heard of and I’ll tell you why in this blog entry.   Click Read More for more.
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Another open-source backup product goes commercial

Bacula Systems is now the commercial arm for the popular open-source backup product Bacula.  “It roams the datacenter at night and sucks the vital essence from your computers.”  I’m not making that up.  This is the second open-source backup product to do such, with Zmanda preceding them.  Click Read More to see what I think about this.
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Dedupe ratio DOES matter [Updated 3/2010]

I’ve now seen some vendors saying things to the effect that “once you get 10:1, dedupe ratio doesn’t matter.”  They state that 10:1 saves 90% of disk, and 20:1 saves 95% of disk, so the difference is only 5% — so why is everyone so concerned about dedupe ratio?  To this 90%/95% comment I say, “balderdash!”  Click Read More to see more.
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Want to hear my business idea?

I’m building a very small focus group consisting of IT managers from “end-user” companies (i.e. not IT vendors).  I’d like to see what you (the eventual company’s target market) think about the idea before I start spending money to make it happen.

This will require a very small time committment.  A few emails, a few phone calls, and no travel — at least not for now.  If the idea gets funded and off the ground, things may change (if you want to continue the relationship).  But for right now, I just need a few smart people who see things from the end-user point of view.

If you’re interested, please send me an email.
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