Why global dedupe matters

Note to Readers: I have updated thoughts on this topic and you can see them here.

My previous post on dedupe performance illustrated the impact that global dedupe has on the effective performance of different dedupe appliances.  I received a lot of comments from vendors that didn’t have global dedupe saying one of two things.  One thing they would say is that the vendors that claimed to have global dedupe didn’t really have it.  I know too much to believe that.  The other thing they’d say is that global dedupe wasn’t as important as I was making it out to be.  Well, that’s definitely not the case, and that’s what this post is all about.  Click Read More to see why I think global dedupe is critical for larger environments.

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Performance Comparison of Deduped Disk Vendors

[This article was slightly updated May 7, 2009.  New comments are in brackets.]

This blog entry is, to my knowledge, the first article or blog entry to compare the performance numbers of various [target] dedupe vendors side by side.  I decided to do this comparison while writing my response to Scott Waterhouse’s post about how wonderful the 3DL 4000 is, but then I realized that this part was enough that it should be in a separate post.  Click Read More to see a table that compares backup and dedupe performance of the various dedupe products.

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