Is dedupe more expensive than JBOD?

My good friend, Steve Duplessie, wrote a blog article that basically said that the issue that dedupe was designed to solve is “NO LONGER VALID” (Caps his).  He didn’t say dedupe is bad, but he says that he can buy JBOD for 1/9th the cost of a deduped system; “therefore, using deduplication to solve an economic scarcity issue is no longer legitimate.”  He also said that “if I’m off by 100%, I’m still 1/4 the cost.”

With all due respect to my good friend, I don’t agree with him any more on this than I do on whether or not you should root for the Patriots or the Chargers.  His logic is sound, but his numbers are off — off by a whole lot more than 100%.  And there’s another “scarcity” factor that he’s not considering.
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